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Personal Effects

This is a professional airfreight service we provide for your luggage that exceeds the maximum weight allowed by the airlines for passengers and it is a service aiming at ensuring both lower transport cost and higher conveniences; it is meanwhile an exquisite combination of local privileges and worldwide agent network. Documentation 1. Original passport; 2. Certifications; 3. Clearance Authorization; 4. A list of personal effects; 5. Purchase Invoice (required for new purchases); 6. Air Ticket; (* in some cases, if above documents are not available correctly, we may also clear it as samples under the name of a trading agent and customers can clear it also as personal effects in destinations) About customs clearance and delivery service in destination At your own decision, whether our agent/partners should arrange it, or whether your own forwarder/broker should arrange it. Articles prohibited for carriage in accordance with relevant regulations 1. Cultural relics, treasures, expensive arts; 2. Precious and/or endangered animals, plants; 3. Cosmetics, food, meat, drinks, medicines, cleansings and other liquids, white powder; 4. Explosives, flammables, erosive. Notes: 1. For electrical appliances, electronics, furniture, ceramics and arts, please be sure to remind us in advance and consolidate packing; 2. Insurance will be recommended for all shipments and insurance charge is calculated based on 0.5%of the contents; 3. For wooden-packed stuffs to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, fumigation will be required. All above ,we can assist and arrange accordingly.